Compatible games and emulators list

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Legend (like on map)


  • Compatible
Works with no issues
  • Works
works good, could be better
  • incompatible
Doesn't work yet for one reason or another.
  • Needs GPU Drivers
most of 3D games and some of 2D need hardware acceleration for fast work, but now we are still waiting for driver. They may work, but not at playable FPS (like Warzone2100)

Screen compatibility:

  • Works with PocketCHIP Screen (composite and DIP too)
  • through composite (DIP too)
  • only through DIP

Q&A (a.k.a. F.A.Q.)

Q: How can I download these games?

A: After every game you can see Terminal commands or a link to instructions. If it is apt-get you have to open terminal and do the folowing

 sudo apt install foo

An example of this would be.

 sudo apt install nethack-console

Game list

Sil Compatible

Download source Here


edit Makefile.std

sudo nano Sil/src/Makefile.std

comment out the "standard" block and uncomment CFLAGS and LIBS in the curses only "Compile for Linux" variation block.

make -f Makefile.std install

run with ./sil from Sil main folder.

Omega Compatible

Download last stable source Here

Extract and run make

Brogue Compatible

Download a Linux version (with source) Here

Extract it

From Brogue's folder run
sudo nano Makefile
and change -march=i586 to -march=armv7:
$(CC) -O2 -march=armv7 -o bin/brogue ${BROGUEFILES} ${LIBRARIES} -Wl,-rpath,.

To make it fit a 96x34 terminal window (PocketChip's with a 5x8 font), from your Brogue folder run

sudo nano src/brogue/Rogue.h

look for the COLS defenition and change it from 100 to 96!

make curses

Moria Compatible

 sudo apt install moria 

Angband Compatible

See This Post for Build

Gearhead 1 Compatible

Download Freepascal Here

Extract and install with sudo sh

Download Gearhead source Here

Extract and compile with

fpc gharena

Dwarf Fortress Not Native

(Thank you @kainxkitsune for explaining this to me!)

To play Dwarf Fortress you have to SSH Dwarf Fortress from a host computer to do that you will need to:

Set your OSX/Linux host computer's DF/data/init/init.txt as follows: [PRINT_MODE:TEXT], [INTRO:NO]

If you're running rxvt-unicode on PC and it's not installed on your host, add the following line to PC's ~/.bashrc: export TERM='Linux'

SSH into your host, find DF's directory and run ./df


Nlarn Compatible

Download Source Here Extract it Get everything you need to compile it

 sudo apt install build-essential libglib2.0-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev lua5.1 zlib1g-dev pkg-config <pre>
From your NLarn folder, run sudo nano Makefile. Look for the following lines and add -lm to the last one 
(this is to solve a "DSO missing from command line" error I was getting. You may try to skip this step):
<pre># Definitions required regardless of host OS
CFLAGS += -MMD -MP -std=c99 -Wall -Wextra -Werror -Iinc
LDFLAGS += -lz -lm

Then just run make

Frozen Depths Compatible

Native ARM build Here

Zangband Compatible

 sudo apt install zangband 

Nethack Compatible

 sudo apt install nethack-console 

Frotz Compatible

 sudo apt install frotz 

Cataclysm-DDa' Compatible

Refer to This Link for CHIP Cataclysm-DDA Build

FreeCiv Compatible

sudo apt install freeciv-client-gtk

Warzone2100 Needs GPU Drivers

sudo apt install warzone2100 (works with ~0.5 FPS now)

DOSBOX Compatible

(DOS emulator, good for old PC games)
sudo apt-get dosbox

Pico-8Compatible - available on C.H.I.P. and pre-installed on Pocket C.H.I.P. :

sudo apt update && sudo apt install chip-pico-8

OpenTTD Compatible

sudo apt install openttd

DOOM Compatible

('cause everything runs DOOM!) - `sudo apt install prboom doom-wad-shareware` | look for [full instruction]( to get PocketCHIP menu icon 

Rogue Compatible

sudo apt install bsdgames-nonfree
[setting up](

Crawl Compatible

sudo apt install crawl