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This page contains the generally-agreed guidelines for the CHIP Wiki. Please use the "discussion" page for discussion of these guidelines.

This Is Not Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a lot of policies and guidelines. And rightly so; they aim to be a full encyclopedia of human knowledge.

Our aim here is less lofty. We are CHIP users who simply want to share our knowledge and experience with other CHIP users. We don't care so much about perfect grammar or neutral point of view. We're easy going, and don't want perfect to be the enemy of good.

One big difference with this Wiki is that anonymous edits are not allowed. Accounts are free and can be created at will. I.e. no approval process is needed. The intent of requiring an account to edit is to minimize spam and vandalism, but it is also intended to enhance the community spirit.

Let's stay CHIP-centric. No articles about bands or video games. Let's stay away from Holy Wars. Let's keep discussion professional, and try to avoid offending others.

One final difference between this Wiki and Wikipedia: much of the discussion, debate, and Q&A happens on NTC's message board, not so much in the Wiki's discussion tab. If you want to write things in the discussion area, feel free. But don't be disappointed if it isn't noticed by very many people.

This Is A Little Like Wikipedia

Most of the Wikipedia guidelines on conduct and behavior seem like good ideas. So while they are not "official" in this Wiki, we try to follow them for the most part.

This Wiki also subscribes to the Wikipedia guideline of Be Bold, which can be summarized as "Go for it ... but please be careful". If you add content to this wiki, don't expect other people to ask permission before changing it. The whole idea of a Wiki is that contributors collectively try to make all the content as accurate and useful as possible. Don't hesitate to make improvements to existing material.

Sometimes users disagree on what is the most accurate and useful content. If you find yourself participating in an argument, take it to the discussion page. If you can't come to agreement, maybe create a link to a page that outlines both sides of the controversy. Let's not have endless edit wars here.


In this wiki, we try to use categories on our pages. It's easy to find pages in need of a category by looking at the special page for uncategorized pages. Always try to use an existing category, you can find available categories at the special page for categories. If no category fits, either use the CHIP-COMMUNITY category or create a new one.

This Is Not A Message Board

A Wiki is a great tool for organizing and presenting information, but a poor tool for hosting discussions. Users who wish to ask questions about CHIP are strongly encouraged to do so at the Next Thing Co message board. In particular, if you make use of the "discussion" page, there's a good chance that few if any other users will notice. We tend to do our chit-chat on the message board.

By the way, It's useful for people to have the same user ID on each to aid in general communication and enhance the community spirit.

This Is Not Part Of Next Thing Co

While the creators and users of this Wiki sincerely hope that the good people of Next Thing Co appreciate the existence of this Wiki, it is not owned by them, nor was it even created by them. And while Next Thing Co employees are welcome and even encouraged to participate equally as users of this Wiki, please do not assume that all content here has Next Thing Co's "seal of approval".

Lawful Content Only

Please respect laws of copyright, licensing, hate speech, etc. I would say, "Don't be evil," but that might be a copyright violation.  :-)

While we're being all legalistic, please respect this Wiki's Copyright.


The administrators here all have day jobs that keep them very busy. Don't expect them to be referees, police, or judges. That said, the administrators are also users, meaning that they participate in the use of this Wiki as equals with everybody else. You can email the administrators at

List of administrative users: Special:ListUsers/administrator