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C.H.I.P. Single-Board Computer Wiki. Hosted by free of charge. I've donated to them, have you?

This wiki is for the user community of Next Thing Co's CHIP single-board computer. All are welcome. Anonymous edits are not allowed, but you can create an account for yourself. Before creating an account, please read our high-tech anti-bot captcha all the way to the end. Then create an account for yourself, use the same username as you have on NTC's message board, and start adding content! Contact fordsfords if you have trouble.

Please review Guidelines before contributing.

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For a super quick guide on how to add content to the wiki, see this post.

Following is a couple of good places to start looking for information, or you can look for information by category.


  • Care and Feeding - NOT JUST FOR BEGINNERS: Dos and don'ts for keeping you and your CHIP healthy and sane.
  • Turn it on - How to start it up for the first time!
  • Troubleshooting - CHIP not boot? Scrambled video? Smoke and flames? Here's how others solved similar problems.
  • You don't have a TV? - Use a VNC server running on CHIP as a remote display so you don't have to use only console commands for basic things.
  • Glossary - Terms and abbreviations that are common among CHIPsters. Give it a skim even if you know the vocabulary just to get CHIPsters usage.
  • Easy Projects - Simple things to try that don't require Mad Skillz.
  • CHIP Message Board - VERY valuable resource for asking questions and having discussions.
  • Sub-Reddit - Another resource for asking questions
  • Linux resources - some learning resources for Linux beginners.
  • Installing software - Need some apps? Want to install a favorite emulator or a web browser? Learn to use Debian's package management tool.
  • Compatible games and emulators list - Everyone love games. This list will help you to know what you can run on your C.H.I.P. or PocketC.H.I.P.
  • CHIP vs CHIP Pro - The all inclusive guide comparing the CHIP and the CHIP Pro.


Collective wisdom on how to get things done.


  • DIPs - Add-on boards that are made to fit on CHIP (a.k.a. "shields", "capes", etc).
  • PocketCHIP - Super Handy Fun Computer.
  • USB Devices - Interesting USB peripherals for CHIP.
  • I2C Devices - Interesting I2C bus devices for CHIP.
  • Cases - from custom-made 3D printing, to modifying existing products, to building toys like Lego.
  • Hummus Ethernet DIP: static IP via DHCP - (post is now Obsolete) How to obtain a static IP via DHCP for the Hummus Ethernet DIP.




Got a git repository with some fun, cool or amazing stuff you wish to share with the community?

Then ask for it to be added to