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Methods to log into CHIP over the network.


This doesn't really count as "remote desktop" as most people think of it, but it is the most basic way to log into CHIP over the network. From a Unix system, enter "ssh CHIP-IP" where "CHIP-IP" is your CHIP's IP address. For example:


Don't know your CHIP's IP address? See Turn it on for instruction on how to log in over USB with a laptop, and see the section "CHIP's IP".

X Windows

When CHIP is loaded with the full GUI OS, it can export individual application windows to a remote host, or can export its entire desktop. X11 is the software package and protocol which enables this, and it is pre-installed; no further configuration is needed on CHIP. Note that X11 can run natively over your network, but most people prefer to tunnel X11 over a secure connection instead. See this post for reasons.

All you need to do is get an X11 server running on your remote host.

For Windows, there is a nice graphical guide here. Here are brief instructions:

  • Install and run the xming x windows server for Windows.
  • Install the putty SSH client.
  • Set up a new connection filling in the ip address of your chip and in the settings go to Connection->SSH->X11, check the box for Enable X11 forwarding and type in "localhost:0.0" for the X display location.
  • Click Session and save.

Now when you connect via SSH you should be able to start an X-Windows program (xeyes for example) and have it show up on your screen.


Step by step vnc setup is covered in this article.

Windows remote desktop

Simply install xrdp on CHIP.

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Then you can connect to the CHIP-IP through the remote desktop client.