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Adding clustering as a main tutorial

Large scale clustering, obviously, has an unfeasible effort/reward ratio. Mining bitcoin or ethereum for graft, being out of the question: simply having a node has other uses such as being able to monitor/confirm/facilitate additions to either ledger. Personally, I'm interested in starting such a project for the fact testing even small contracts [their term for program code] on ethereum requires running a test node capable of atleast weak mining [mining on ethereum is much less competitive due to the volume scalability].

I could throw down for a real rig, but.. I see applications where a blender-based modeler might need just a tiny bit more rendering power to reward their growing fan base, or an artist living off a newly formed patreon made it a goal to composition slightly bigger pictures in gimp, perhaps an aspiring game-dev or animator needs to host their work for some reason or another for a few days to a community of less than a hundred before switching to torrents for distribution.

I see these as practical applications for small scale clustering. Not too familiar with the act, however their must be a streamline-able way of doing this maybe over wifi or through a "dip".

On the more fun experiment side of things, clustering over wifi sounds a bit reminiscent of the geth from Mass Effect. Wouldn't it be interesting to create a chess-thinking virtual computer distributed over the chips that combined environmental data from half a dozen mobile robots to decide the best way to hide in a room from someone looking for them and scare them after t reduces to zero or some trigger word is said. (^▾^) :>> *Muahaha*

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Heh. No worries. I look forward to your "real" content. Welcome to the Wiki! Fordsfords (talk) 07:02, 22 May 2016 (CDT)


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contribution section

Hi, I've added section about, however it feels strange calling it "CONTRUBUTION", writing in this wiki is also contributing, that place is for code. But I haven't found a better more suitable name for it yet. Soderstrom (talk) 10:25, 15 October 2016 (CDT)