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I'm Steve. I've been writing software since 1975, much of it in the embedded RTOS space. I'm a pretty experienced Unix user, but not so much system builder or administration. I use a Mac, not because Steve Jobs wore black turtlenecks, but because it runs Unix under the covers. I like GUIs for web browsing and email, and not much else. I spend more time running "vi" on my Mac than any other Mac user I've ever met.  :-)

I have a blog, although I don't write on it very often. I spend a LOT more time on CHIP's message board.

One good way to get in touch with me is to go to CHIP's message board and send a private message to fordsfords.

Here are some pages of mine that don't seem to have a nice home in the main pages:

Adding a new external link as a test: bbs.