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I am a developer. I develop dreams made by electronics and software. My motto is "We are still creating art and beauty on a computer: the art and beauty of revolutionary ideas translated into (libre) code...".

My nicknames are rd235 (see RFC1166) and iz4dje (my ham radio callsign), reenzo (on IRC, it is a pun: Re Enzo means King Enzo which was a historical personality in my town)

I live in Bologna, Italy, where I have started a wonderful group of digital creatives: Raspibo (unfortunately the wiki site is mainly in Italian).

In my spare time ;-) I am an associate professor of computer science at the University of Bologna, where I teach "Operating Systems", "Virtual Systems Design" and "Algorithms and Programming teaching".

My main research goal now is named "Internet of Threads". I am designing an architecture where the networking support will be provided process by process, thread by thread (so that we can use all the addresses provided by IPv6 and have an excuse to design IPv8 or IPvA, as real computer scientists think in hexadecimal ;-).

I have done my best to contribute many libre software projects (e.g. Virtual Distributed Ethernet (vde), libpurelibc, view-os...) My "lab" is (lab is quoted as it is not a lab in the physical way, there is not a room labelled "virtualsquare". It is a community).

I served as president of the Italian Association for Libre Software (2010-2012).

Renzo Davoli



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