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Coding is the art of expressing yourself in an unambiguous way. Essentially a programmer is an author of a book where the holes in the plot are bugs.

Part from my wife, my greatest passion in life is Embedded Linux Development and the Free (as in freedom) Software.

Besides from that, who am I? Generally a person that wish to learn. I've never read any literature, but give me a technical specification and I'll read it to sunder ;)

I also enjoy the nature, but my addiction to technology makes it so that I rarely go out these days. At least once a year, me and one off my best friends go hiking in the mountains together.

Cheerio Soderstrom

Short facts (life achievements)

  • Born 1986-03-31
  • Studied Computer Engineering 2005-2013
  • Began my work carrier in 2011-03-15
  • Married 2015-05-15
  • Became a kernel hacker backer 2015-05-22
  • Me (soderstrom) along with renzo, mrlowalowa and nbastin got mentioned in "Project Update #25: CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer by Next Thing Co." 2015-10-22 (my moment of fame ^^)
  • Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation since 2015-11-04
  • Initiated this wiki 2016-01-11
  • Worked.. and worked.. and.. you get the idea
  • Initiated 2016-10-15